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October News

At the last Jura Collective meeting we decided that we needed to get many basic tasks done that have already started. So, after the huge effort of the anti-APEC Poster Exhibition, we are going to spend most of the next three months, or so, in consolidation mode. We will have a couple of events that are organised by the Collective, but we are going to concentrate on finishing such things as the building work on the library and awning, electrical repairs, re-organising the ordering of books, look to completing some policy items, work on this website, and several other jobs. After all, we have to spend the money that you so generously donated to the fund-raising drive!!!

Besides keeping the shop open, there will be a couple of events, such as the 30th Birthday celebrations, so watch out for that towards the end of Nov or early Dec. Our aim is that this consolidation period will see us emerge in a stronger position... and with a working Fanya Baron Library!!!

Our working bees are advertised, so please come along and help us get better organised so that we can do our bit to help fix this world of ours.