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Plans, politics and cupcakes

Dear Jura Books friends,

Lots is happening in the next month...

1) Last chance to have your say in our ELECTRONIC SURVEY, just click here, before the end of the week. It will take around 5 minutes, and you could win a $50 prize of books and magazines. We need your input, no matter how much or little you have to do with Jura. The questions are easy - starting with what are your favourite books: anarchist, enviro, feminist, or...?

2) JURA 'PLANNING THE FUTURE' WORKSHOP, 1PM SUNDAY 9th MARCH. What do you want the world to be like in 5 or 10 years? What's the strategy for achieving that? How will Jura be a part of that strategy? Should we host more events, hold more stalls, open longer hours, or what? This workshop is about setting our direction for the next year and beyond, so it's really important that anyone interested in the Jura project comes along and participates. Check out our draft plan here, and/or just come along on the day. Free lunch provided.  

3) ANARCHIST FEDERATION meeting, 1pm Sat 15th March. A discussion open to all people interested in the formation of a regional anarchist federation in Oceania. Comments, criticisms, questions, all welcome. Check out the leaflet here.

4) Painting WORKING BEE, 12-5pm Sat 29th and 12-5pm Sun 30th March. We are still trying to finish our upstairs renovations, while battling termite damage, roof leaks, pigeon nesting and torrential downpours. Much plastering and sanding has been done, but we need your help to finish painting, or alternatively make a donation to help us cover cost of the renovations - which has blown out by over $3,000 (send an email to jura -at- jura.org.au to set up a donation).  

5) LETS TALK ABOUT TEXT, book, zine and music fair, from 1pm Sun 6th April. Music by Strangers (NZ), When Chimps Attack and Do Not Resuscitate. Vegan food by Food Not Bombs. Dress-up theme is literature/philosophy. There will be a skillshare huddle/DIY living discussion with everyone at 1pm, then heaps of skillshares: a zine-making/advice table and origami nerdouts, woolly story-telling/knitting lessons, stencil making, making messages with needle and thread, active listening and caring skills, vegan cupcake station, alternative to consumer feminine hygiene products, drawing and writing jam spaces. All people with distros, authors, zine writers are welcome to come and sell/exchange their wares (fee is $5). Email annamail -at- animail.com to discuss.

6) JURA FOOD COOP. The Jura fruit and vegie co-op has been going great, with cheap organic vegies arriving at the shop every Thursday. But we need more people to be part of it to make it sustainable. Wouldn't you like a $10, $20 or $30 vegie box for your household? Email jurafoodcoop -at- riseup.net

Hope to see you soon!

The Jura Books Collective

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