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Post Bookfair new titles at Jura.

here are new titles at Jura or titles that have been out of stock for a while:
Kropotkin and Lenin, David Shub, $1;
Anarchism in Istanbul Today: Two interviews, David Kimball, $2;
Proudhon in the Closet: The homophocia and misogyny of P-J Proudhon, Daniel Guerin, $2;
Kropotkin on Communes and Wages, Peter Kropotkin, $3;
Konstantinos Speras: the life and activities of a Greek anarcho-syndicalist, Leonardos Kottis, $3;
Emilio Canzi: An anarchist partisan in Italy and Spain, Paolo Finzi, $4;
Alcatraz: Uncle Sam's Devil's Island, Phillip Grosser, $3;
George Brown, the cobbler anarchist of Philadelphia, Robert Helms, $3;
Locked Up, Alfredo Bonnano, $6;
Propulsive Utopia, Alfredo Bonnano, $6.See you at Jura....