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Radical responses to the financial meltdown convergence meeting

At 1830 on Tuesday the 14th, around ten people met in Jura books to discuss a conference/convergence on radical class responses to the financial meltdown. There was some discussion on individuals politics and perspectives on what is currently going on. This fed into the different ideas people have for a conference/convergence and who should take part in it.
A general feeling I got was that people want to create an event over 1 or 2 days. There individuals and groups can meet to discuss common politics and general trends in resistance as well as have workshops and do some organising. What specifically would happen will become clearer as more people get involved and help shape it themselves.
Discussion was had on the people and groups to be invited to be involved. This basically led to people taking it on themselves to invite who they thought was relevant, to the next organising meeting. Broadly radical groups as well as not-so-radical groups with radical elements should atttend. Specific Trotskyite groups with particularly damaging sectarian politics were mentioned as being pointless and even nonsensical to invite (if they'd even want to take part).
The next organising meeting was tentatively slated to be at the ASEN (Australian Student Environment Network) headquarters in Erskinville on Monday the 27th of April at 1830.

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