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Raffle Prize Winners

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize in the Save Jura Raffle. And an even bigger congratulations to everyone who donated or helped sell tickets - you make Jura possible!

The prize winners were:

  • Rare Political Artwork - Karen S
  • Jura Books Pack - Sophie H
  • Gleebooks Pack - Michael P
  • Co-op books pack - Dayv R
  • Byron Bay Accommodation - Anna L
  • Cupcakes - Liz S
  • Alfalfa house vouchers - Nick A, Leslie W, Tom W, Bec S, and Gina A
  • Guinness - Peter S
  • Funky Pies Vouchers - Jamie P, Harrison S, Lindsay H, Russel, Suren C, Alice W, Dan, Adam W, Jacqueline B, Vi P, Ricki S, Claire P, Chips M, Paul N, Daz S, Natalie and Jenny, Rachel K, Natalie M, Anne O, and Mari V.
  • Italian Dinner - Lila C
  • Political Posters Paste-up - Theresa P
  • T-shirts - Neil H
  • Hand Made Jewellery - Andrew J
  • TV - Dan R
  • Jura Prize-winning Posters - Liz T