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Sept news: Poster Exhibition a great success

Hi all,
Last night was great! After a full day's organising the display, which followed Jeremy's fantastic effort in arranging the zillion things that were needed in the previous 6-8 weeks, the opening was a huge success. About 80 people turned up over the evening. The Union put on food and drinks, Marie McMahon and Jan Fieldsend - from the original Earthworks Poster Collective - spoke, and the bookstall went very well. Lots of new faces, and lots of Jura supporters from the past 30 years turned up. Two students are making a v. short film on the event (80sec) and we will put it up on the web when it's available.

Besides all the fantastic art....Over the first two days of the exhibition, about $400 of books, posters and pamphlets were sold and about $200 of donations were received. The bookstall will be continued with the poster display, so you can see some of the latest, greatest new titles that Jura has to offer while soaking up the scenes of struggle in the posters.

You can still make the exhibition:
The display is on for the next two weeks, until the 19th (except the 7th, 8th &9th). The bookstall will be there too. A few copies of the great Tin Sheds book, "Under a Hot Tin Roof" are still available at the stall.