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The Slingshot Diaries

I was dubious about the new 2007 Slingshot Organisers. I had heard things about them that could not possibly be true. 

using an organiser really make me a happier, more productive and
fulfilled individula anarchist? Could it really clear my acne and make
me irresistable to council communists? It couldn't possibly clean my
room, could it?

There was only going to be one way to find out.
With trepidation, in a spirit of self sacrifice to bring you the most
accurate information possible, I embarked upon a journey of self
discovery and transformation that I fondly remember as "The Slingshot Diaries".

As the transformation I underwent was so dramatic, I thought I'd show you the photos that I took during the process.

My room before trying slingshot.

My Room after slingshot...


As you can see - its simply a pile of
clothes which also comes in
handy as a (rather lumpy) make-shift
lounge some times.


Remarkably, there actually was a
floor under all those clothes.

I can even fit in the lounge that I
picked up off the street last week.

 The Slingshot Organiser is remarkably easy to use.  You simply take it out whenever you're at a meeting, and jot down a note whenever you commit to doing something. You can also use it at parties and rallies to remember the names, phone numbers, interesting hairstyles, etc of the people you meet.  

The Radical Contact list in the back helps to keep you in touch with other anarchist groups around the world. Its also helpful if I ever forget where Jura Books is so I don't get lost on my way to do my shifts. 

If you're planning a party - Slingshot has revolutionary reminders on almost every day. So even if you don't have a reason to have a party, you can easily get one, just by looking up the date you're planning it for. Everyone's invited to my place to celebrate the first recorded incident of throwing veges at actors in the US (in 1911) on 27th November!

This is me before slingshot.

This is me after using slingshot

You might
notice the stress-related
grimace and uncomfortable look.
That's me
wondering whether I'm about to be reminded of an appointment that
forgot because I wrote it on a
scrap of paper and lost it by washing
jeans with the paper still inside.


To be honest, I didn't
expect to look quite so different.
But I can't say that I'm unhappy
with the transformation.

I know you want to see what Slingshot could do for you. I mean - look what happened to me - from a disorganised mess, to an internationally recognised anarchist organiser in about 12 hours!

You can get the Slingshot Organiser at Jura Books now. There are 2 great sizes - small and large. There is a wide range of snazzy colours, that are so bright, they'll keep you up at night (great for pickets, raves and uni admin building occupations!).

Come in, call, or email us to get a hold of the most powerful life-changing tool since Anthony Robins last toured Australia.