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Slingshots, Land and Freedom

Hi Jura Books friends,

There's an easy way to make your friends and families happy, and at the
same time support alternative politics instead of the usual capitalist
rubbish: buy your end of year gifts at Jura! Wouldn't your cousin/friend/lover/workmate like one of these...

These 2009 diaries for radicals are a work of art. Every page is
different, with inspiring quotes and daily events from the history of
people's struggle. They also contain short articles on hope,
revolution, radical sexuality, critical mass, a menstrual calendar and
more. They are printed on recycled paper and come in two sizes -
compact ($9) and large ($16). Come in and get one soon while you can
still choose from dozens of colours!
>>We have hundreds of newly published radical books like Imminent Rebellion (an anarchist journal from Aotearoa), Free Comrades (Anarchism and homosexuality in the USA, 1895-1917), Everywhere All the Time (a new reader on historical and contemporary alternatives to traditional schooling), The State (Anarchist and Marxist perspectives), and Beyond Resistance: Everything! (a new interview with the Zapatistas).
>>Dozens of beautiful, colour political posters by Justseeds, Breakdown Press, Street Art Workers, and others.
>> Patches, stickers, and t-shirts produced by local activist organisations.

When should you come in and do your gift shopping? This weekend, since there are two exciting events on!

>>5pm Sat, 13th December: Film screening of Land and Freedom.
This brilliant 1995 film is directed by Ken Loach and written by Jim
Allen. The movie depicts the powerful events of the Spanish Civil War
(1936-1939) - one of the defining moments of modern history. Anarchist,
socialist and fascist armies clashed in a political and bloody war for
control of Spain. The anarchist revolution that accompanied the
fighting was one of the most profound social transformations ever
witnessed, with whole villages and cities collectivised. The film
follows the story of an unemployed worker and member of the Communist
Party of Great Britain, who decides to travel to Spain to fight the
fascists. This prize winning movie is inspired by George Orwell's
novel, Homage to Catalonia. The screening is presented by Sydney Anarcho Com!
munist Trajectory.
>>2pm, Sun 14th December: Jura's 31st birthday party. Come and celebrate 31 years of Jura with us. Talking and music. Bring a plate or a donation.

---Fundraising update---

With your help, we have raised $2,500
towards paying the Jura mortgage. Yay! But we need to keep going to get
to $30,000. If you haven't done so yet, please donate now to help us
pay off the mortgage and make Jura sustainable.
>>Transfer money into our bank account using your own internet banking - email us for details.
>> Come in to Jura to donate in person
>> Post a cheque or money order made out to Jura Books
>> Use Paypal (jura -at- jura.org.au);

We are also considering running a raffle, but we don't have any good prizes. Could you donate a prize?
A piece of art? A surfboard you're not using? A collection of DVDs?
Teach someone how to play a musical instrument? A political action? Let
us know...

Thanks for your support and your help,

The Jura Collective.

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