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Sydney Internationalist Discussion Group

In the present world situation with economic chaos engulfing the world the working class is slowly regaining its consciousness and sense of combatively so heavily dampened by the “collapse of communism” and the “end of history”. At this time it is important to try and actively contribute to this development given that class consciousness is not something that develops in a purely spontaneous or linear and mechanistic way.

Discussion circles and groups as an essential part of the proletariat's effort to develop its class consciousness through trying to understand the meaning and implications of the crises of capitalism by analysing and reconnecting with the history and positions of the workers movement. The work of discussion circles is thus of real importance to the future development of the proletariat's understanding of its historical role, reappropriating the lessons of history and breaking down the barriers of the political isolation of individuals.

"A [discussion] circle is an open coming together of workers, who meet because they want to discuss and clarify political questions. They are places which the proletariat creates in order to push forwards its consciousness ... They express the consciousness of the class, showing that it is not willing to accept the crisis and the bankruptcy of capitalism without resistance; that it wants to defend itself against the attacks of the capitalist system. Also, they express an attempt to search for ways to fight back and to develop a revolutionary perspective...


"The goal of a discussion circle is the political clarification of the individual participants ...

"What's proletarian about a discussion circle is not a common 'local' programme but the common will to discuss and clarify. Thus, a discussion circle isn't the same as a political group with a fixed programme. Rather it is a place, a meeting place for political clarification." (ICC, WR n° 207, 'Discussion circles in the working class: a world-wide phenomenon').

It is on this basis that we are currently attempting to organise a discussion group open to all workers and students willing to participate, to come together, not on common political positions but rather on the basis of a common desire to address the challenges facing the working class and humanity as a whole today through discussion, debate and mutual clarification. This task cannot fall to one or two individuals alone; it must be the collective effort of a group of individuals, albeit small, in searching for concrete solutions to the challenges faced by the working class and the whole of humanity today.

Anyone interested or willing to take part are invited to confirm their interest by emailing N.Rossi@live.com.au

Any questions, comments or criticisms are also warmly welcomed.



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