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TalkShop really engaging!

Jura Books hosted the first of many discussion evenings called "TalkShop at the BookShop" on Friday evening. After getting off to a late start (no-one said we were perfect), we ate a plate of Thai food from fabulous local restaurant Som-O and drank a beer to break the ice.

A short talk from Jacinta helped to kick things off. We discussed all things anarchism till about 9.30pm. Discussion touched on a wide range of issues - from the nature of the future society, to the path to revolution; from the place of Black Blocks to the failure of representative democracy and on to the need for an environmentally sustainable future.  The discussion was pretty free-form and laid back. It wasn't just inexperienced anarchists
answering the 'new people', though there was a little bit of Q and A going on. Jura Collective members were surprised and delighted to see how much knowledge and interest in anarchism was displayed by all those new friends who came for the first time.

Thanks for everyone who did come, especially if for the first time! We hope to see you again.

TalkShop @ the BookShop continues on Friday 25th November with a discussion about the links between Anarchism and Feminism. Everyone is welcome to come and exchange knowledge with us!

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