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Wouldn’t your mum love a copy of the original V for Vendetta comic?

Hello everyone,

Happy end of year from Jura Books! It's great to know that we're one
year closer to the revolution!

We also know that this time of year can be quite difficult. All the most
oppressive forces in our society seem to be talking with one voice -
telling us to work harder, consume more products, respect the church,
and conform to patriarchal and heterosexist family values. So it's a time
when alternative voices are needed more than ever - to help create a
world controlled by workers, based on values of ecological sustainability,
genuine community, freedom and equlaity for Indigenous people,
womym, queers and everyone.

Jura helps you to be one of those alternative voices.

We'd like to shamelessly suggest that you do your (anti)Christmas
shopping at Jura this year. If you must buy presents, why not buy
radical books from an activist collective
, instead of overpriced clutter
produced in an unsustainable way by exploited workers? At Jura we are
anti-consumerist. But we believe that good political literature - bought,
read, borrowed, lent and then given away - is part of building the
solution to the world's problems. We also seek to continually improve
our ecological and social praxis: we try to purchase products from
self-managed workers collectives, to minimise our ecological impact and
to build a radical community in Sydney. Our mark-up is very small, so
our books are almost always much cheaper than commercial bookshops
(sometimes as little as half their price), and all the money we make
goes back into paying bills, keeping the space running and increasing our
selection of books.

Wouldn't your mum love a copy of the original V for Vendetta comic?
Or would your dad enjoy one of the new Slingshot 2007 diaries to keep
himself organised next year? Surely your friends would appreciate a set
of beautifully produced Make Art Not War posters, or Chomsky's
Notes on Anarchism
? Maybe your neighbour needs a new copy of Quiet
Rumours - the anarcha feminist reader
. What about a gentle
introduction to anarchism for your children, younger siblings or students
- Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossesed is a great choice. Or choose from a
thousand other titles in the shop...

We also have gift vouchers - so you can let your loved ones choose for

More good news is that we've extended our opening hours, not just
over the holidays, but forevermore (we hope!). We're now open on
Thursdays as well as Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We also have new
opening hours: 2-7pm on Thursdays and Fridays; 12-5pm on
Saturdays and Sundays
. The only day we are closed over the holidays
is Sunday 31st December.

So you've got 8 opportunities to come in before Christmas:

Thursday 14th December (2-7pm)
Friday 15th December (2-7pm)
Saturday 16th December (12-5pm)
Sunday 17th December (12-5pm)

Thursday 21st December (2-7pm)
Friday 22nd December (2-7pm)
Saturday 23rd December (12-5pm)
Sunday 24th December (12-5pm)

Jura has had a great year of activism. We've put on dozens of film
nights, political talks and gigs. We've had visitors from around the world
- New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Brazil,
Israel-Palestine, Russia - many of whom gave talks, played instruments
and showed films. We've had numerous stalls in different parts of
Sydney and Newcastle. We've improved the workers control centre and
developed the Jura website (www.jura.org.au) into a useful resource and
virtual community hub. We've built the email network of Jura friends
who recieve this email (yourself included) to over 300 people. And we've
grown the number of Jura financial supporters. To these people we say a
special thankyou - don't forget that your contribution entitles you to an
added discount at the bookshop. And to everyone who's been involved in
Jura in some way we say thank you and keep it up!

But there is still much to do. The Jura collective remains small - which
is why we're only open four days a week. Our building is in need of some
serious repairs, and our mortgage and interest payments continue to
loom over us.The workers control centre and library both need a lot of
work in order to become functional.

Now would be a great time to join the Jura collective to help out with
shifts in the bookshop, web work, organising events, or any other project
you're interested in! We're in desperate need of more people to help out
at Jura. If you're not able to volunteer your time, maybe you could help
by donating somehthing on our wish list below. Otherwise, look forward
to seeing you at the shop!

Jura's (anti)Christmas wish list:
More Jura collective members
Financial donations and financial supporters
Good quality bookshelves
Good quality furniture (especially chairs, rugs, picture frames and light fittings)
An espresso machine

Lots of love to you all,

The Jura Collective

440 Parramatta Road Petersam
9550 9931
2-7pm Thursdays and Fridays
12-5pm Saturdays and Sundays


I just saw our wishlist, and it made me realise that one thing we also need just as much as new recycled furniture is for more people to come in to use the tops resources that we have - the reading library, our computers, internet connexion, slowy the photocopier...