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Book Sale - 20% Off All New Books

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Sun, 09/12/2012 - 11:00am to Mon, 24/12/2012 - 4:00am

Jura Books
440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham

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Jura Books
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9550 9931
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Just in time for the end-of-year shopping shenanigans, Jura is offering 20% off all books, DVDs, CDs, shirts and all our other radical goodness. Plus, if you're a Jura Supporter (find out how here), you get an extra 10% discount on top of that! As well as the sale on new stuff, we've also got a bunch of great second-hand books available very very cheap. Both sales end Sunday 23 December.

All income goes to the maintenance of the building, paying our suppliers and assisting the local, national and international anarchist community. So time to come in and splurge on some awesome texts and help keep the project going for another 35 years!

With love n rage n solidarity -
Jura Books Crew