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New titles at Jura

Hi, here are the latest new titles at Jura:Anarchists Against the Wall, Uri Gordon (ed), $16;Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the labor movement from below, 2nd edn, Staughton Lynd, $19;Anarchy and Society: Reflection on anarchist sociology, Jeff Shantz, et al, $42;Continental Crucible: Big business, worker and union in the transformation of North America, 2nd edn, Richard Roman et al, $26;Imminent Rebellion, No 13, (journal from NZ), $10;The Last of the Hippies: An hysterical romance, Penny Rimbaud, $16;Prison Writings lll: The road map to negotiations, Abdullah Ocalan, $17;Militant Anti-Fascism: A hundred years of resistance, M. Testa, $25;Walter A. Rodney: A promise of revolution, Clairmnont Chung (ed), $26;The Windmills of Humanity: On culture and surrealism in the manipulated world, Josehp Feinberg, $20;Playing as if the World Mattered: An illustrated history of activism in sports, Gabriel Kuhn, $16.All the best for post-Sydney Anarchist Bookfair reading.