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New from Microcosm Publishing

Hi Jurans,The latest new material at Jura - from Microcosm Publishing: Wages so Low You'll Freak, Mike Pudd'hhead, $23 (account from a young punk of his four-year experience in organising workers in a fast food chain in the US);Edible Secrets, Michael Hoerger & Mia Partlow, $18 (de-classified information from the US military, CIA etc... told in a humourous way about the tragedy of such huge waste of human effort);Hurt: Notes on Torture in a Modern Democracy, Kristian Williams, $8 (a Portland activist gives an account of torture from the land of the free);Nine Gallons: True Stories, Susie Cagle, $5 (well done zine);Awesome Future: Stories of Victorious Action, by Robnoxious, $5 (a sort of zine/comic);Scam: The First Four Issues! (288 pages), Erick Lyle, $30 (well produced collection of Scam zine, including 'The Mutiny in Miami' issue).See you at Jura.