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New titles available at Jura

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Here are the latest titles at Jura:


Isadora Speaks: Wriings & Speeches of Isadora Duncan, (ed) F. Rosemont, $18;


American Anarchism, Steve Shone, $42;


(New publisher) The End of Anarchism?, Luigi Galleani, $18;


You anarchist, You!, by Ernestan, $4;


The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joy of Bureaucracy, (HB), David Graeber, $39;


Taking Sides: Revolutionary Solidarity and the Poverty of Liberalism, (ed) Cindy Milstein, $18;


(2nd Edn) Rank & File: Personal Histories by Working-class Organizers, (eds) Alice Lynd & Staughton Lynd, $30;


Fictituous Movement and Real Movement, Alfredo M. Bonanno, $8;


Barbarians: Disordered Insurgence, Bonanno & Co, $6;


A Steampunk's Guide to Sex, Professor Calamity et al, $15;


Reformers, Socialists and Communists, Alexander Berkman, $15;


(2nd Edn) Recipes for Disaster, an anarchist cookbook, Crimthinc, $29;


Manifesto for a Democratic Civilization, Vol.1:Civilisation - The Age fo Masked Gods and Disguised Kings, Abdullah Ocalan, $35;


Ecology or Catastrophe: The Life of Murray Bookchin, (HB), Janet Biehl, $53;


The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies & the Promise of Direct Democracy, (Forward by Ursula LeGuin), Murray Bookchin, $34.


aargh! Aotearoa Anarchist Review, #5, Oct 2015, $2.

See you at Jura.