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New books this week at Jura

Hi everyone,

Here are the new books and periodicals this week at Jura:

Here are the new titles this week:

Witch Girl and the Push: Social History as You've Never Read it, Lyn Gain, $27 (recent Sydney Push libertarian/anarchist history)

Miracles ain't What they Used to Be, Joe Lansdale, $17 (radical short stories from PM Press);

Abolish Work, prole.info, $13;

Maoism and the Chinese Revolution: A Critical Introduction, Elliott Liu, $19.50;

Ideas for Action: Relevant Theory for Radical Change, (2nd Edn), Cynthia Kaufman, $30;

The Hammer Blow: How 10 Women Disarmed a War Plane, Andrea Needham, $20;


Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, #67, $4;

Umanita Nova, $1;

Le Monde Libertaire, $4.