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Heaps of new titles at Jura.

Hi all,

Here are the new titles in this week:

Doris 32, $4.50;

Bananeras: Women transforming the banana unios of Latin America, Dana Frank, $24;

Combative Unionism: Waging class war within labour, Prairie Struggle Organisation, $6;

Who Rules the World?, Noam Chomsky, (HB), $45;

Learning Good Consent: On healthy relationships and survivor support, Cindy Crabb (ed), $21;

Masters of Mankind: Essays and lectures, 1969-2013, Noam Chomsky, $20;

Home from the Dark Side: A journey through American revolutions, Clifton Ross, $27;

rose: love in violent times, inga muscio, $27 (sequel to her famous book 'Cunt')

Left of the Left: My memories of Sam Dolgoff, Anatole Dolgoff, $33;

Revolution and Counterrevolution: Class struggle in a Moscow metal factory, Kevin Murphy, $30 (a great companion to Simon Pirani's book);

The Home Made Vegan Pantry: The art of making your own staples, Miyoko Schinner, (HB) $42;

Unruly Equality: US anarchism in the 20th century, Andrew Cornell, $38;

The Intelligent Gardner: Growing nutrient dense food, Steve Solomon, $30;

The World War of Small Pastries, Charles Fourier, $17;

Incendiary Thoughts: New York City anarchist bookfair, our first decade, $18;

Chuang 1, Dead Generations, $18 (worker struggles in China);

Activism and Aid: Young citizens' experiences of development and democracy in Timor-Leste, Ann Wigglesworth, $35;

A Lawyer in History: A graphic biography of radical attorney Leonard Weinglass, Seth Tobocman, $29;

I Don't Know How to Help You, Jessie Duke (ed), $5 (on helping those with depression);

Tango: My childhood, backwards and in high heels, Justin Vivian Bond, $26;

The Letters of Joe Hill: Centenary Edition, $18;

Workers' Councils & the economics of self-managed society, Cornelius Castoriadis, $18;

Living on Third Street: Plays of the Living Theatre, 1989-1992, Hanon Peznikov, $27;

Disposal Domestics: Immigrant women workers in the global economy, Grace Chang, $27;

Feeding the Masses: A guide to mass vegan catering by the anarchist teapot mobile kitchen, $12;

The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting intimate violence within activist communities, Ching-In Chen et al (eds), $24;

Rebellion in Patagonia, Osvaldo Bayer, $33 (finally in English, where the film of the same name came from about the anarcho-syndicalist struggles in Argentina);

Cosmonauts of the Future: Texts from the Situationist Movement in Scandinavia and elsewhere, Mikkel Rasmussen, $38;

To Dare Imagining: Rojava Revolution, Dilar Dirik et al, $24 (near anarchist revolution including chapters on the YPG and the women's army);

..And the Periodicals:

Le Monde Libertaire (paper and magazine)

Umanita Nova

Rivista A

Anarcho-Syndicalist Review

Chain Reaction

That should be enough to keep you going into the coming Spring. Enjoy.