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Hi all,

Here are the new titles for this week:


Gender Outlaws: On men, women, and the rest of us, Kate Bornstein, $24;

The Remedy: Queer and Trans voices on health and health care, Zena Sharman (ed), $29;

Solidarity Networks: Examples and ideas of direct action, SeaSol Organizers, $7;

The Case of Alan Turing: The extraordinary and tragic story of the legendary codebreaker, Eric Liberge & Arnaud Delalande, $36;

Weakening the Dam, Twin Cities IWW, $6;

In a Moving River, Nothing is Set in Stone: A letter for insurgent dreamers, scott crow, $6;

Never Give In: Three Italian Antifascist Exiles in Australia 1924-1956, V. G. Venturini, $42 (one of the three is the anarchist Francisco Fantin who was killed by fascists while interned in a camp during WW2);

The Last Great Cause: volunteers from Australia and Emilia-Romagna in defence of the Spanish Republic, 1936-1939, V. G. Venturini, $42;

An Australian Experience: Words from the Vietnam Years, Alan Ashbolt, $10;



it's down to this #2: on sexual violence, accountability, consent, healing, Claire Urbanski, $6;

Umanita Nova, $1;

Rivista A, $4.

Have a happy Summer Solstice, joyous Saturnalia, and a great New Year. 2017 is Jura's 40th anniversary!!

Jura is on holidays until January 27th.

See you next year!