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New titles at Jura Books this week


Kropotkin and the Anarchist Intellectual Tradition, Jim Mac Laughlin, $45;

Words are my Matter: Writing about life and books 2000-2016, Ursula Le Guin, $36;

Rad Women Worldwide: Artists, athletes, pirates and punks who shaped history, Date Schatz, $24;

The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and Janet W Hardy, $26;

Heresies: Anarchist Memoirs, anarchist art, Peter Lamborn Wilson, $30;

The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Towards spatial emancipation, Simon Springer, $41;

Utopia, Thomas More, Essays by Ursula Le Guin, $23;

How Queer!, Faith Beacuchemin, $23;

Against the Fascist Creep, Alexander Reid Ross, $26;

Masculinities, Cindy Crabb, $10.50;

Gender and Sexuality for Beginners, Jamiee Garbacik, $26;

Surrealism in '68: Paris, Prague, Chicago, Don Lacoss, $7.50;

Masters of Mankind: Essays and lectures, 1969-2013, Noam Chomsky, $20;

Solidarity Networks: Examples and ideas of direct action, SeaSol organizers, $6.50;

Syrian Dust: Reporting from the heart of the battle for Aleppo, Francesca Borri, $26;

Revolution is more than a work: 23 Theses on Anarchism, $4.50.


Much to mentally munch on.