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Latest books at Jura from AK Press

Hi everyone,

Here is the list of the latest books and pamphlets from AK Press:

Anarchy Works: Examples of anarchist ideas in practice, Peter Gelderloos, $21;

(new edition) With the Peasants of Aragon, Augustin Souchy Bauer, $19;

Rupturing the Dialectic: the struggle against work, money and financialization, Harry Cleaver;

Communism for Kids, bini adamczak, $20;

A-Z of Green Capitalism, Corporate Watch, $20;

Body Horror: Capitalism, fear, misogyny, jokes, Anne Elizabeth Moore, $26;

(new print) On Anarchism, Marxism & Hope for the Future, Noam Chomsky, $4.50;

Fuck Neoliberalism - and then some!, Simon Springer & Levi Gahman, $4;

S.O.S. Alternatives to Capitalism, Richard Swift, $26;

Night-Vision: Illuminating war and class on the neo-colonial terrain, Butch Lee & Red Rover, $26;

The Wretched of the Earth, Franz Fanon, $24;

Emergent Strategy: Shaping change, changing worlds, Adrienne Maree Brown, $24;

The Supergirls: Fashion, feminism, fantasy and the history of comic book heroines,  Mike Madrid, $26;

To Dare Imagining: Rojava revolution, Autonomia Media, $24;

Blackout, Nanni Balestrini (intro by Froanco fifo Berardi), $24;

Requium for the American Dream: The 10 principles of concentration of wealth & power, Noam Chomsky, $30;

The Wikileaks Files: the world according to US empire, (intro by) Julian Assange, $30;

We Will Not Be Silenced: The academic repression of Israel's critics, (ed) William Robinson & Maray Griffin, $30;

(kids book) On Our Way to Oyster Bay: Mother Jones and her march for children's rights, (H/B) Monica Kulling, $27.