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Keen for Revolution?

Here at Jura Books the revolution has already started! If you think the revolutionary change is not going fast enough, you could always help by joining one of our many activities or starting a new one. Come and get involved! Jura is an anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist bookshop and organising centre. We stock thousands of political books, and are actively involved in movements for social change. There are lots of things we are doing and need help with: agitating for worker's control, publishing zines and pamphlets, building the website and computer infrastructure, organising the library, putting on talks and films, and doing shifts in the bookshop.

Jura also welcomes groups and individuals to use our space and resources to organise their own activities. If you have a left libertarian philosophy and need facilities, you are most welcome!

Jura Books poster: The future is ours to write