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New Year titles at Jura.

Hi Chumrads,

First day open after the holiday and very few came in, but we seem to have had a few people in during our break - thanks to those who opened up.

New titles:

William Godwin: Philosopher, novelist, revolutionary, Peter Marshal, $39 (very important book about Godwin, who transformed ideas from the Enlightenment and the C19th Romantics into the beginning of the European anarchist tradition. Another great work by Peter Marshall);

Girl Gangs, Biker Boys, and Real Cool Cats: Pulp fiction and youth culture, 1950 to 1980, (eds, Iain McIntyre & Andrew Nette), $39 (Iain is a friend of Jura from Melbourne, so has placed Oz material in this book);

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance, Gord Hill, $16;

Daring to Struggle, Failing to Win: The Red Army Faction's 1977 campaign of desperation, J. Smith & Andre, $8;

(New Edition) Anarchy in Action, Colin Ward, $21 (one of my favourite books about the basics of anarchism - anarchist practice in the everyday life of ordinary people);

Truths Among Us: Conversations on building a new culture, (ed) Derrick Jensen, $26;

Setting Sights: Histories and reflections on community armed self-defence, (ed) scott crow, $32.50.


Re-stocked titles:

The Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Xicana in a female punk band, Michelle Cruze Gonzales, $21;

Wildcat Anarchist Comics, Donald Rooum, $19.50;

Birth of our Power, Victor Serge, $25; (from the troubled life, politics, and mind of Serge, but still worth a read);

Lickin'  the Beaters: Low fat vegan desserts, Siue Moffat, $14 (I'm not a vegan, but  - read this, make the recipes, Yumm!).

Seeyou at Jura,