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Great reading: Le Guin is back in stock

Hi everyone,

Here are some new titles and re-stocked titles by one of our favourite authors: Ursula K. LeGuin. Ursula died in January this year - we and the world are all the poorer for this. Her writings continue to inspire and agitate us, as good writing needs to do.

The Dispossessed, Ursula K LeGuin, $14 - the greatest utopian novel ever written.

The Wind's Twelve Quarters and The Compass Rose, LeGuin, $20. - a series of short stories such as the brilliant and enraging 'The Ones who Walked Away from Omelas' and 'The Day Before the Revolution', and the longer 'Rose'.

The Lathe of Heaven, LeGuin, $16 - LeGuin said that this wasn't finished, but that's a main theme of the story itself - the wreckage created by people acting as they are gods.

Earthsea: the First Four Books, LeGuin, $32.

Ciao, Sid.