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New titles and restocked items

Hi all,

Here are the new titles and some re-stocked titles at Jura this week:


(New edition of this long-awaited reprint) The Kronstadt Uprising, Ida Mett, $10;

Take Back the Fight: Resisting Sexual violence from the Ground Up, Interference Document 10, $12;

Young Women's Global Revolution: Brave, Vol 1 Global Issues, Gayle Kimball, $24;

Sheila Rowbotham presents Mary Woolstonecraft: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, $20;

(Back in stock) A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Mary Woolstonecraft, $12;

The Iguala 43, Sergio Rodriguez, $11;

Annandale Blues: A journey in Ralph Ellison's America, Guy Ducornet, $13;

(Back in stock) Wildcat Comics: ABC of Bosses, Donald Rooum, $6.50;

Wildcat Comics: Strikes Again, Donald Rooum, $6.50;

Wildcat Comics: Anarchist Comics, Donald Rooum, $6.50;

Wildcat Comics: Anarchists Against Bombs, Donald Rooum, $6.50;

Born Both: An Intersex Life, Hida Viloria, (H/B), $22.