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Hi everyone,

Here are the latest tasty titles at Jura:

New Books & ASR:

Anarcho Syndicalist Review #74, $4;

Superiority Burger Bookbook: The vegetarian hamburger is now delicious, Brooks Headley, $45;

As Black as Resistance, $24;

Playing the Whore: teh work of sex work, Melissa Grant, $24;

An Agency of their Own: Sex worker union organising, Gregor Gall, $21;

Working Sex: Sex workers write about a changing industry: (ed) annie oakley, $36;

Margins and Murmurations, Otter Lieffe, $23;

I am Action: Literary and combat articles, thoughts and revolutionary chronicles, Praxedis G. Guerrero, $17;

Things that Make White People Uncomfortable, Michael Bennett, $38;

Brothers of the Gun: A memour of the Syrian War, (HB), Marwan Hisham & Molly Crabapple, $42;

Insurgent Supremacists: The US far right's challenge to state and empire, Matthew Lyons, $32;

Seeya at Jura.