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Books in from PM Press.

Books in from PM Press:

Collectives in the Spanish Revolution, Gaston Leval, $30. It's been out of print for decades, but very happy to report that the joint PM Press and Jura Books edition of Gaston Leval's critically important book is now available. This is also the first major (co) publication by Jura in many years. This edition has a new introduction by Pedro Garcia-Guirao and a Foreword by Stuart Christie. We can announce that it's available at a special price of $30 - normally $36. I hope to do a book launch soon.

Maroon Comix: Origins & Destinies, Quincy Saul, $21. About African Americans struggle for freedom: a graphic novel in style.

(Back in stock) Black Flags and Windmills: Hope, anarchy, and the Common Ground Collective, scott crow, $26 - another very important book of anarchism in action in today's world: anarchists deeply involved in helping the poor communities after the twin disasters of Hurricane Katrina and the State's response.

See you soon at Jura.