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Tasty new titles at Jura this week

Hi everyone,

Great new books to chew through: food for the mind and muscle:

Expropriation, Peter Kropotkin, $6;
War and Capitalism, Peter Kropotkin, $6;
The Direct Action of Environment and Evolution, Peter Kropotkin, $6;
Revolutionary Studies, Peter Kropotkin, $6;
Premonition: Selected essays on culture and revolt, AK Thomson, $30;
Pleasure Activism: the politics of feeling good, Adrienne Brown, $30;
How We Winn: A guide to Direct Action Campaigning, George Lakey, $26;
DIY Resistance: 36 ways to fight back!, Anthony Alvarado, $33;
So Far So Good: Final poems 2014-2018, Ursula K. Le Guin, (HB), $35;
The Anarchist Encyclopedia, Abridged, Sebastien Faure, $33;
Wobblies of hte World: A global history of the IWW, Peter Cole et al, $42;
Feminism Without Borders: Decolonizing theory, practicing solidarity, Chandra Hohonty, $38;
My Eighty-one Years of Anarchy: A memoir, May Picqueray, $27;
Skin Again, bell hooks, (HB), $15 (children's book);
Sunrise of Night: Memories of the war in Spain, Antoine Gimenez, $42.
Le Monde Libertaire (magazine - French)
Umanita Nova (paper - Italian)
See you at Jura