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New PM Press titles and more...

Hi good people,
here are the new titles:
Journey Through Utopia: A critical assessment of imagine worlds in western literature, Marie Louise Berneri, $38 (new edition and with new introduction, postscript);
Anarchist Cuba: Countercultural politics in the early twentieth century, Kirwin Shaffer, $32.50;
Communion:The female surch for love, bell hooks, $18;
Malatesta: Life and Ideas: the anarchist writings of Errico Malatesta, Vernon Richards, $29, (new edition, with new material added);
A Soldier's Story: Revolutionary writings by a new African Anarchist, Kuwasi Balagoon, $26, (3rd edn);
Clandestine Occupations: An imaginary story, Diana Bock, $22;
A Blaze in a Desert: Selected Poems, Victor Serge, $22;
A City Made of Words, (and more stories), Paul Park, $18;
The Slow Burning Fuse: The lost history of the British anarchists, John Quail, $36, (new edition, with new material);
Abundance, Michael Fine, $23, (a novel);
Anarchism, Anarchist Communism, and the State, Peter Kropotkin, $19.50, (new print with new intro and bibliographic notes);
(At last!! back in print) About Anarchism, Nicholas Walter, $19.50, (intro by his daughter);

The Road Through San Judas, Robert Fraga, $19.50, (novel).

Best from Jura.