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Some interesting new research about the anarchist world.

Hi all,
Here are some interesting new titles that I've found by searching around, so not from our more usual anarchist suppliers. Note the difference in price when capitalist profit-oriented publishers come onto the scene, but also note, that two are high quality hard back titles.
The Return of Comrade Ricardo Flores Magon, (H/B) Claudio Lomnitz, $67 - this one is one the main anarchists and some of the Wobblies in the Mexican Revolution;
One Day that Shook the Communist World: The 1956 Hungarian Uprising and it Legacy,(H/B) Paul Lendvai, $52 - the heroism of the revolutionary working people against the murderous onslaught of the Marxists;

The Chomsky Effect: A radical works beyond the ivory tower, Robert Barsky, $15.

And the latest anarchist and libertarian journals:

Anarcho Syndicalist Review, #77, Fall 2019, $5.

Industrial Worker, IWW, Spring, May, 2019, $5;

Umanita Nova, July 2019, $1;

Rivista @, #436, Summer 2019, $5;

Le Monde Libertaire, #1808, July 2019, $4;

Seeya soon at Jura.