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Exciting variety of new titles at Jura

Hi everyone,

Here are this week's new books:
Bakunin: Selected texts 1868-1875, (ed & translator), A.W. Zurbrugg, $45 (exciting to see this; some texts for the first time in English);
Anarchist Perspectives in Peace and War 1900-1918, A.W. Zurbrugg, $38;
Chuang 1: Dead Generations, Chuang Collective, $24.50 (346 pages on China, it's capitalism, 'socialism', international politics, and much more - an exciting examination of the Chinese capitalist & imperialist road & the people's revolts against the regieme);
Chuang 2: Frontiers, Chuang Collective, $29 (583 pages with more of Vol 1, but with different emphases);
Notes on Nationalism, George Orwell, $10, (Orwell examines the dangers of nationalism, and in doing to explores his own inconsistencies);
The Masters Tools will Never Dismantle the Masters House, Audre Lorde, $10 (Lorde on the power of women);
The Greentime: Songs of Kulladun, Leila Wedd, $18, (a beautiful string of poetical stories of children living in peace with the world - for children and adults. Signed by the author).
See you at the Jura,