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Brain food for the new year, with new titles at Jura.

Hi everyone,
here are the latest newbies at Jura (some a long time out of print):
From Black Rose Books, Montreal -
Urbanization Without Cities: The rise and decline of citizenship, Murray Bookchin, $41;
Bakunin on Anarchism, (ed) Sam Dolgoff, $53;
The Collectives in the Spanish Revolution, (ed) Sam Dolgoff, $35;
Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Ocalan and the Krudish quesiton in Erdogan's Turkey, (eds) Thomas Miley & Federico Venturini, $49;
Direct Deliberative Democracy: How citizens can rule, Debra Campbell & Jack Crittenden, $42;
Subcomandante Marcos: Global rebel icon, Nick Henck, $46;
Organicity: Entropy or evolution, David Dobereiner, $42;
Art Space Ecology: Two views - twenty interviews, John Grande, $54;
1968: On the edge of world revolution, (eds) Philipp Gassert &Martin Klimke, $47;
Villages in Cities: Community land ownership, cooperative housing, and the Molton Parc story, (eds) Joshua Hawley & Dimitrios Roussopoulos, $46;
From AK Press and others -
Until We Reckon: Violence, mass incarceration, and a road to repair, Danielle Sered, (H/B) $33;
Sobre El Anarquismo, Noam Chomsky, $24 ('On Anarchism' in Spanish);
Down with the Law: Anarchist individualists writings from early twentieth-century France, (ed) Mitchell Abidor, $25;
The Complete Works of Malatesta: Towards anarchy, Malatesta in America, 1899-1900, Vol IV, (ed) David Turcato, $38;
Beyond Survival: Strategies and stories from teh transformative justice movement, (ed) Ejeris Dixon & Leah Lakshmi, $27;
The Rhyming Verse of Denis Kevans: Australia's Poet Lorikeet, (ed) Tony Barry, (H/B) $45 (working class poetry from Denis who performed for Jura fundraiser events in our early days).
See you at Jura.