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Hip-hop High Tea at Jura

Date and Time: 
Monday, June 9, 2008 -
12:00am to 3:00am

Join us for an arvo of VEGAN high tea, popping lessons with the elegant shelly and hip-hop sounds from secret special guests!!! This shall be followed by a discussion of gender, and the subversion of gender, in hip-hop and dance.

Vegan treats are most welcome (e.g. cupcakes, jelly, choc crackles).
This event is FREE, but donations to Jura are always appreciated.

Check back for some suggested pre-readings and materials (e.g. dance moves!). These are purely for fun! Don't feel you need to read anything or have ANY dance or cooking skills to participate. ALL ages, genders, species, etc are welcome.

Hip-Hop, Gender, Race and Capitalism - Nichali Ciacco (Znet)

The Exploitation of Women in Hip-Hop Culture - Ayanna (My Sistahs) 

 Hip-Hop and Sydney's Western Suburbs - Meguel D'Souza (Urban Expressions, 1988)

 Jura Collective (and myself) do not necessarily agree with all of these writings. These are intended to start the brains ticking on the pertinent issues. Also, search "popping" on youtube!