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Men Diamler - direct from the UK

Date and Time: 
Saturday, April 30, 2011 -
5:00am to 8:00am

Men Diamler is playing at Jura! UK West Country wanderer Men Diamler brings his an amazing voice, battered old guitar, and brilliantly eccentric take on British folk-song-as-story-telling. Skinny Webzine describes Men Diamler as the 'sinister side' of twee, he 'is pure mental, he sings about cats and suicide and screams 'one of these days you'll feel much better'. He gets up and runs about like his arse is on fire. He makes us all sing along. Thing is, we feel better right away'. Stranger Songs calls Men Diamler 'one of the greatest live acts in the country' and Thora Zine writes, 'Men Diamler cannot be ignored. He looks a little like electric-era Bob Dylan, and it's just him and his guitar, and sometimes it's just him, a cappella and not even always in front of a microphone, but his voice is so astonishing that traffic literally stops.'



-> Men Diamler, direct from the UK, 7pm, Friday 29 April at Jura. By donation.