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New titles at Jura

Hi, here are the latest new titles at Jura:Anarchists Against the Wall, Uri Gordon (ed), $16;Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the labor movement from below, 2nd edn, Staughton Lynd, $19;Anarchy and Society: Reflection on anarchist sociology, Jeff Shantz, et al, $42;Continental Crucible: Big business, worker and union in the transformation of North America, 2nd edn, Richard Roman et al, $26;Imminent Rebellion, No 13, (journal from NZ), $10;The Last of the Hippies: An hysterical romance, Penny Rimbaud, $16;Prison Writings lll: The road map to negotiations, Abdullah Ocalan, $17;Militant Anti-Fa

New PM titles and re-stock

Hi Jurans,Here are some new books: Solidarity Unionism, Staughton Lynd, $19;The System, Peter Kuper, $19;Getting Up for the People: the visual Revolution of Asar-Oaxaca, Asaro, Mike Graham de la Rosa, Suzanne Schadl, $26;Continental Crucible: Big Business, Workers and Unions ...... (2nd Ed), R. roman & E. V.

New books at Jura from AK Press

Hi Jurans,New titles are:Los Manos: The lads from Aragon - the story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran, $6.50;The Unlikely Secret Agent, Ronnie Kasrils, (anti-Apartheid spy), $22;Come Out Fighting: A century of essential writing on Gay and Lesbian liberation, Chris Bull (ed), $22;The Home: Its work and influence, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, $25;Weakening

New books from PM Press.

Hi Jurans,Here are the latest from PM Press: Malatesta: Life and Ideas.

Mentally tastey titles at Jura

Hi Jura supporters,Here are the latest new titles at Jura:Los Manos, The lads from Aragon: The story of an anti-Franco action group, Mariano Moran interviewed by F.

Exciting new reads at Jura

Hi,Here the exciting new titles at Jura over the past week or so: The Birth of Chines Feminism, Lydia Liu et al, $41 (it's really about the anarchist root of Chinese feminism);  Massacre: The life and death of the Paris Commune, John Merriman, (H/B) $45 (another good history by Merriman that brings realistic anarchism into the picture);  Anarcho Syndicalist Review, No 63, $4  (with major articles on Bakunin's bicentenary);  Adbusters #117, 'Blueprint for a new world VI: Our crisis i

New titles

Hi all,Here are the new titles, from PM Press and Adbusters. Box Set of Adbuster's 'Blueprint for a New World' series (very cheap) $30;Adbuster's 2015 Calendar, $5; Communicating Vessels, Issue 26, from Fred Wordsworth, $5; (very exciting) Anthropology, Ecology, and Anarchism: a Brian Morris Reader, Introduced by Peter Marshall, $32;Men In Prison, Victor Serge, (new printing), $24;Birth of Our Power, Victor Serge, (new printing), $24; Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!!

New books for this week

Hi all,mmm....seems to have been a very busy day at Jura yesterday....Pretty busy today, esp with the second hand books sale.The opening of Jura's e-shop is moving ahead well, with new helpers to put in the entries of all our stock.

New PM Press titles this week.

Hi Jurans,Here are a the new titles this week: From PM Press: 'GENERAL STRIKE' T-shirt (sm, med, lg) red and white words/image on black all cotton, union made t's, $28; 'Winsconsin Rising' DVD "In 2011 history was made in Wisconsin when thousands of people rose up for the working class.

Latest new titles at Jura

Hi everyone,Here are the latest new titles and a couple of re-stocks from PM Press and from Phil, Stealing all the Transmissions: A secret history of The Clash, Randal Doane, $21;Speaking Out: Queer Yourth in Focus, Rachelle Lee Smith, $19;A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice, Toban Black et al (eds), forward: Naomi Kleine, $32;(re-stock) The Knitting Circle: Rapist Annihilation Squad, Derrick Jensen & Stephanie McMillan, (a novel), $19;Patty Hearst & the Twinkie Murders: A tale of two trials, Paul Krassner, $16;(re-stock & a great pressie) Lickin' the Be