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New titles from PM Press and PiO's anarchist poetry from Melbourne.

New titles, from PM Press:

The First Socialist Schism: Bakunin Vs Marx in the International Working Men's Association, Wolfgang Eckhardt, $50 (this is a gigantic effort, not only because it's 600 pages, but because of the breadth and depth of the study. Well accompanies Ronald Tabor's 'The Tyranny of Theory');

Wildcat Anarchist Comics, Donald Rooum, $19.50 (possibly the first extended discussion of this anarchist cartoonist - 88years young and still doing great work);

Unfree Labour? Struggles on migrnat and immigrant workers in Canada, Aziz Choudry and Adrian Smith (eds), $26;

The Traffic Power Structure, Planka.Nu, $16 (a discussion of neo-liberal anti-worker politics that is not dissimilar to our land of Oz);

Signal: 05, Alec Dunn & Josh MacPhee (eds), $19.50 (another insightful edition of this popular book of radical/anarchist art and design).

Anarchist Poetry from the land of Oz:

Unusual Work, No.s 18 & 20, PiO (ed), $8.50 (the latest from anarchist concrete poets from Oz).

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