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New titles at Jura

Here are some of the new titles in at Jura lately:

Worlds of Exile and Illusion, Ursula K. LeGuin, $23 (three of her Hanish series novels in one recently published book);

If we all spat at once, they'd drown, Sam Wallman, $17 (radical and working class cartoons from Melbourne);

Anarchism Vs Primitivism, Brian Oliver Sheppard, $3;

Silent no Longer: confronting sexual violence in the left, Rebecca Winter, $1;

The Kronstadt Commune, Ida Met, $3 (back in print after many years);

Mutinies in World War 1, David Lamb, $3 (in print after many years);

A Brief History of the Spanish anarchist refugees in Australia, $4 (one of the recent new publications about Aust anarchism);

Industrial Unionism: (1) The History of Industial Workers of the World in Aotearoa & (2) Aim, Form, and Tactics of a Workers' Unon on I.W.W. Lines, (Rebel Press in NZ also have published a series of books and pamphlets on Aotearoan anarchism - great to see).

Arguments from Errico Malatesta, with a bio by Andrew Blackmore, $3 (Malatesta is not well know in the English speaking world, but was a very important militant activist and theorist of anarchism. He joined Bakunin at age 17, and died very sick and under house arrest by Mussolini in 1932. A good Malatesta Reader by AK Press is now available).

Umanita Nova, Sept. 2016, $1 (a paper founded by Malatesta in 1920).

See you at Jura.