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New titles & re stock:

(The long awaited, and critically important...ta da.....drum roll..........
Anarchy in Athens: An ethnography of militancy, Emotions and Violence, Nicolas Apoifis, $36.50.
The explosion of deferred dreams: Musical renaissance an social revolution in San Francisco 1965-1975, Mat Callahan, $30.
We the People: Stories from the community rights movement in the United States, T Linzety & Anneke Campbell, $19.50.
(re stock) The Day the Country Died: A history of anarcho punk 1980-1984, Ian Glasper, $32.50.
A Wolf at the Gate, Mark van Steenwyk, $19.50.
Venceremos: Victor Jara and the New Chilean Song Movement, Gabriel San Roman, $8.
Playing as if the World Mattered: An illustrated History of Activism in Sports, Gabriel Kuhn, $19.50.

(re stock) From Prince to Rebel, Biography of Peter Kropotkin, George Woodcock & Ivan Avakumovic, $35.

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