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Books, old and new this week at Jura

Hi Jurans,
There are two new interesting books this week, and three from the past:
Wilam - A Birrarung Story, Aunty Joy Murphy & Andrew Kelly, Illustrations by Lisa Kennedy, $20 (this is a beautifully illustrated and produced hard back children's book. Not just a children's book, I certainly learned a lot from the story of a river and all who live along and in it);
Too Much Lip, Melissa Lucashenko, $28 (this, just published book, is an award-winning novel of an Aboriginal woman's journey and return to her home - so very funny and so serious).
Power Without Glory, Frank Hardy, $2 (current Jura Book Sale price), (this is a classic Australian novel/history of corruption in the over/underworld of Melbourne, in particular of John West and the use of corrupt power . Hardy was charged with criminal libel for it in the charged anti-communist atmosphere of the early 1950's when the Liberal Party tried to pass the Communist Part Dissolution Bill. All the lessons about this exploration of the corrupt maggots who 'run' Australia are just as important today).
The Hard Way,Frank Hardy, $2 (current Jura Book Sale price), (This is the story behind the secret publishing of 'Power Without Glory', and its aftermath).
The Yarns of Billy Borker, Frank Hardy, $2 (current Jura Book Sale price), (a short book of Aussie working class pub 'yarns' - unbelievable porkers that are both funny and tell of an other time).
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See you at Jura soon.