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New titles this week

Hi everyone,
here are the new titles for this week, most from AK Press, but elsewhere too (also several re-stock books came in, but not listed here):
Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old: A makeover for self and society, Kimberly Dark, $24;
Anarchism and Other Essays, Emma Goldman (new publisher lower price), $18;
The New Authoritarians: Convergence on the Right, David Renton, $33;
Love with Accountability: Digging up the roots of child sexual abuse, (eds) Aishah Simmons, $30;
George Orwell Illustrated, David Smith, Mike MOsher, $26;
Our Masters are Helpless: The essays of George Barrett, $21;
Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A thinking person's guide to being an anti-authoritarian - strategies, tools, and models, Bruce Levine, $27;
Louise Michel (Great anarchist series), Ruth Kinna & Clifford Harper, $4.50;
(Kids book) Cindrrella Liberator, (H/B) Rebecca Solnit & Arthur Rackham, $27;
(Kids book) Tell me about Sex, Granma, Anastasia Higginbotham, $27;
Secret: The making of Australia's Security State, Brian Toohey, $35;
Turn this World Inside Out: The emergence of nurturance culture, Nora Samaran, $23;
(SF novel, heard the series described as anarcho-syndicalist SF, certainly Moorcock is a libertarian writer, published by, eg, PM Press):
The Warlord of the Air, (vol 1),Michael Moorcock, $23;
The Land Leviathan, (vol 2), Michael Moorcock, $23;
The Steel Tsar, (vol 3), Michael Moorcock, $23.
Seeya soon.