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Beneath the pavement stones, the beach


Berkman and Durruti enjoying a nice afternoon out.

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TINA Stall

Hey all,

Your dear author and Mr Rocks trekked down to the This Is Not Art festival on Sunday and did have a very lovely time. Arriving at about 1pm, we made no hesitations to set up a stall and start disseminating artefacts of cultural revolution. I'm very happy that one of the first items to go was the latest Slit magazine!

We did run into some strife when, very sleepy, we tried to get on a train at 9.20pm. The last one leaves Newcastle at 9.10pm! The next train was due at 2.40am, and we were way too tired to go back and par-tay it up. So, there ensued several attempts to sleep in inadequate clothing in really cold spots - a park, the train, then Gosford station (where the next train ended up). At Gosford, we spend 2 hours in a platform lift because it was out of the wind.

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